Hick Rock!

Lonesome Brothers Album Cover

Before there was Americana or Alt/Country or Singer Songwriter or Roots Rock or any of the other record store bin labels of today; when new wave was crashing and hair bands were making video history...

...there was the LONESOME BROTHERS

Seven CDs full of original songs and thousands of gig miles later, there still is.

From the lowliest bar in the tiniest town of Western Massachusetts, to Town Hall in Manhattan, to Newport, RI, the Lonesome Brothers put it down like it's supposed to be put down.

Original, creative, pumping, swaying, digging, rocking, blues busting, curve making, straight shooting, no bullshit songs and solos distinguish the Lonesome Brothers from any other band you've ever heard.

Get on the dance floor now, before the song ends -- this ain't no jam band.

This is hick rock! - Smells like diesel!

"The Bros combine the best elements of American music with the raw honesty of their natural and totally believable lyrics. There's real poetry here in the writing of Ray Mason and Jim Armenti that evokes the best of Hank Williams or Chuck Berry -- a down-home conversational style that tells a story with vivid insight into the human condition."
-Paul Burton, Music Revue

"Equal parts country swagger, wistful folk and breezy rock. The Lonesome Brothers' confluence of different musical genres is the key to the band's success. Although some people would be quick to lump the Lonesome Brothers into the alternate country milieu, the band has more dimensions than that. Swamptown Girl is a rootsy triumph."
-Alex Green, Yahoo! Music

"The Lonesome Brothers clearly know their stuff. In our cold, cruel, post-vinyl world, their distinctive warmth offers a welcome respite from so many bands that confuse digital perfection with a good-sounding recording. This western Massachusetts trio winds its way through well-crafted songs of country-tinged rock with considerable skill and an unflagging commitment to feel."
-Carolyn Wennblom, No Depression

"True grit and gristle from the factory floor of roots music, a jukebox of great songs you never heard, and will never forget."
-John Klondike Koehler, Klondike Sound Company

"You had my vote."
-Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion

"A songwriting behemoth of a band..."
-Ken Mauri, Daily Hampshire Gazette